Turn On/Off your heavy home appliances, like AC, geyser etc., using your phone. Just Plug-in your appliance into RSS Smart Plug.  Track power consumption of appliances. Control appliances with a voice command. With RSS Smart Plug do all these even when you are not at home.

Your home in your pocket.

Control your entire home appliances with your mobile phone. Forgot to turn off your AC? No worries, you can reverse it off even when you are not at Home. Connects to the Internet using your home WiFi Network.

Be smart. Save energy

Monitor power consumed in your rooms, compare and keep track of power usage and wastage. Go green and save power.

RSS Smart Plug is designed to be compact and light. It includes ceramic socket for safe conduction and performance.

Proactive Maintenance

RSS Smart Plug is equipped to detect low or high voltages and cut off the power supply to add an additional layer of safety to your appliances. You need not be worried about the damages due to voltage fluctuations anymore. Let RSS Smart Plug handle all the fluctuations.

No need to remember to turn off heavy appliances.

Set an automatic timer, so that the appliance will turn off in time, whenever it is turned on.

Your home follows your schedule. Schedule Appliances.

Never wait in the morning for the geyser to heat again. Schedule your geyser to turn on automatically with RSS Smart Plug. Schedule your coffee maker or AC to turn on/off automatically on time. RSS Smart Plug lets you schedule individual appliances simply like an alarm clock.